My Major Accomplishment

My major accomplishment is that I want to have at least $50 dollars at the end of January 31st because we are making our own mowing and plowing business. My second goal is that we could make the suit at the end of April. We will mow our family’s yards and get money for it and we are going to put flyers up around our neighborhood. Me and my group have sent or email to our mentor but they did not respond so we chose a new mentor. We are not going to do the T-Shirts because they costed way to much money and we did not have the money. We will be thinking of how much they will give us because we mowed there lawn.

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I like Christmas because that is when Jesus was born. (December 25th). I also like it because we get presents from our family and Santa. Not only that it is also because everyone is in a joyful mood. Me and my family have this thing were we have to give to the homeless. It is not only about us but it is also about being nice and having a loving heart. We usually go to my aunts,Uncles,Grandmas, and our house.

The history on Christmas is a foreign Christian holiday that is so post to be about Jesus. It is also a festive time for all and everyone will have a good life. Christmas is not being bad and if you are bad you get no presents from Santa. You have a lot of chances to be good and nice to your family and friends. If you do a good deed then your on Santa’s good list and if you break it with a bad deed then you have a chance of being on Santa’s bad list.

Christmas was started because of the Roman Emperor and Jesus. We celebrated it this day because it is when gods son was born. And that it is when everyone was happy that day. They named it Christmas because it is so post to be when Christ made Jesus.

My Favorite Holidays And Why I Like Them!!!

My first favorite holiday is Christmas. It is my favorite because everyone is in a good spirit and everyone is joyful. Christmas is the time to celebrate Jesus’s birthday, and have a good time with your family and friends. My family and I share what we are thankful for and why. We also give presents to the homeless so they can actually have a Christmas. Finally, I like when we get presents from Santa.

My second favorite holiday is Easter. It is my second favorite because we get candy, and get to try to find eggs that are hidden. Easter is the time to celebrate the oldest festival of a Christian Church. It is also about having a good spirit and being a loyal person. My family and I give food to the homeless, and see that each kid gets to eat a good meal. Finally, I like when we get to eat food and have a family reunion.


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My third and last favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It is my third favorite because we get to eat and have a good time. Thanksgiving is about being joyful and being kind to the people you love. This holiday is not about getting presents, but it is about having a family reunion and eating. My family and I go to my grandma´s and aunt´s house to have Thanksgiving. Finally, I like when I spend time with my family and eating with them.

Why I Like School!!

I like school because me and my friends go to the same school so I get to talk to them. Also I like learning about the different classes. I like math the most because I was really good at it when I was in Elementary school and my other schools. We don`t have recess any more but I like just working and not stopping. We also get out of school at 2:30. I loved my old school the teachers we so nice to everyone and they always believed in us to. We always looked up to them and they did their best to be nice and not get angry but sometimes they got mad because a kid or 2 did follow the rules.

The teachers are really nice hear but the teachers that I used to have were so nice.(No a fence). They had a program that was after school every day that would help us learn how to under stand the questions that we didn`t get or to help us with work. But the bad thing about them is that they gave way to much home work but I finished it a lot of the times.Gate of Castel BérangerCreative Commons License via CompfightDutton High School, 1938 Elgin County Archives via Compfight


The Flames Of FIRE!!!

For our project, we are making a jumpsuit that goes under the firefighters real gear for protecting them from getting severly burned by fire.

I´m feeling nervous because we are going to have to make a lot of money for the under suit, and we have not made any money yet. We are designing t-shirts, though. I´m also feeling anxious because I want to have this done so that we can protect them now from fire, but we can´t because we have to raise money first. We have to raise 500 dollars or more. Finally we have to design our jump suit that will cost a lot of money so we will need to sell the T-Shirts.

My major goals for the month of November are to sell the T-Shirts and get more than $200 at least. My second goal is to design our jumpsuit by the end of December.


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Learning Blog post 1

We are learning how to make good comments and how to be respectful while doing that. Also we are learning how to put commas and punctuation in the right places. We need this in life because when people read your writing they need to understand what you are  saying and how you are saying it. We have learned how to use conjunctions and how to connect sentences to other sentences.


Launch Angle

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This picture is Baseball I chose this picture because I have been playing Baseball for 8 years. I have played for multiple different teams one team that I was on we made it to the championship and won!! Me and my family are really athletic we go outside every day to play a sport or just to have fun and mess around at a park. My favorite part about every day I love spending time with my family and playing with my friends.

My Avatar and why I chose it!!!!

I like my Avatar because I like building Legos and I also like creating things that have not been invented before. Also my Avatar has a dungeon behind it. My Avatar is also half mermaid and half a dragon slayer. He is amazing. He can slay dragons and he can also swim really fast for sea monster like the Lockness monster. I know the Lockness monster is not real, but what ever. He is really cool. He is super nice and he protects the city’s from the monsters and flying monster because he has a shield in his right hand and a Blaster in his right hand. He also has something that lets him fly, but I don´t really know what it is called, but I think it is Bat Wings.

Reasonably Clever

My Passion

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Hello my name is Landon I play baseball I am 11 years old.I play for the rattlers baseball team with my friends.I have been playing baseball for 7 years.Me and my friends  are really good at baseball we catch and hit really good.Finally my last team I played for we made it to the championship.


I once played on a team called the Vipers we won the championship and we were all so happy because we were always so close to win the championship last year.Me and my team from last year were really good we all went to the batting cages every day and we also took lessons to get better. Finally we all had good sportsmanship we all counted on each other to do our best because all of us were good and we knew how good they were and we always cheered on each other.


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